Bit2Bill blockchain solutions

Designed for Australian businesses and merchants

Accept cryptocurrency payments for your business

Send payment requests and allow your customers to pay your invoice with cryptocurrency.

  • Accept payments from other countries. Payments are verified within seconds.
  • Ability to have large payment limits applied per transaction.
  • Protect your payment against cryptocurrency price volatility.
Business Accept Payment with Bit2Bill

Bit2Bill Point Of Sale(POS) App for Merchants

Coming soon

Expand the opportunities of your store to accept Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Easy and reliable solutions designed for Australian small businesses.

Attract new customers

Get your Business ready for customers coming from a growing community of digital asset investors.


While credit cards charge a processing fee of up to 3%, there is no fee using our payment system.

Zero price volatility

Be independent and protected from the cryptocurrency price rate of change. Always receiving the exact amount of AUD from your order.

Safe and reliable

We are a trusted and secure bill payment platform, providing a competitive price with a powerful rate system.

Quick and easy

Our simple user friendly interface provides an effortless experience. Instant payment confirmations for each of your blockchain transactions made by your customers.

Accept from anyone, anywhere

Open the mobile app on your phone or tablet device.

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