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Bit2Bill facilitates payments made from cryptocurrencies (such as BitCoin, Ethereum and Litecoin) to any BPAY, Credit Card, PayPal, PayID or Bank Account. An example of this would be to pay your Rent, Credit Card, Electricity, Internet Provider or even your friend, all using one of your favorite cryptocurrency. We make it fast, simple and secure.

We currently accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (ABC), Litecoin and Ethereum. We are working hard to bring you an extensive range of coins. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date with these and other exciting crypto 'happenings'!

There are no hidden fees. The amount of cryptocurrency provided by your order is the exact and final amount.

No. Bit2Bill does not allow the use of our service to pay for any ransomware or engage in any illegal activity. Any user is proven to be using our service for any illegal activity will have their account deactivated. 

Usually within a few hours of transferring your cryptocurrency into our wallet. We will then process the payment and make the requested payment on your behalf. Once the payment has been completed we will send you an email to notify you of your successful payment. The whole process usually completes within one business day but can in some rare cases take longer.

Due to regulatory requirements individual transactions are limited to a maximum of $1000 each.

If your bill totals more than $1000, we would recommend creating two or more bills with the same payment details.

As much as our processes are automated we do provide manual assessments to ensure all transactions have been completed successfully. The IP of Bit2Bill greatly lies in its automated systems, workflows, processes, integration points and how we manage all the moving parts.

We strive to provide our customers with a fast, simple and secure crypto payment system. 

Account & ID verification

As a business dealing with Australian Dollar and digital currency, Bit2Bill Pty Ltd has obligations under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (AML/CTF Act) to ensure any of the transaction not involved in the activities of money laundering or terrorism financing.

As Bit2Bill User, you are required to have your identity verified using our service. The verification process is taken through a third party Digital iD™. Digital iD™ makes verifying your identity easy. It’s a secure, safe and simple way for you to prove who you are without having to continuously use your identity documents. This process should take a few minutes.

All your information is encrypted and safe with us. 

Yes, we will never share your details with any third party. Your personal details are safe with us. Please review our Privacy Policy here. The verification process is provided by a third party, Digital iD™. Digital iD™ make verifying your identity easy. It’s a fast, secure and simple way to prove who you are without the hassle of continuously using your identity documents. Using this approach, We don’t hold any of your verification documents. The process should only take a few minutes.

As an alternative to Digital iD™, we allow manual upload of identity verification documents. This process usually takes 1-3 days to complete verification. After verification we will destroy your documents in our secure storage.

We aim to keep personal information only for as long as we need it – for example for business or legal reasons. When we no longer need information, we take reasonable steps to destroy or de-identify it.


Recommended approach

  1. Log into your account.
  2. From the Dashboard expand “Overview – Personal Account”.
  3. Click on “Verify My Id Button”, leading you to the Verification Page.
  4. Click on “Verify with Digital iD” button.
  5. Follow the steps on the Digital iD pages and submit the required documents to complete.
  6. On completion, verification is virtually instant.

Alternate manual upload

  1. Log into your account.
  2. From the Dashboard expand “Overview – Personal Account”.
  3. Click on “Manual Upload”, leading you to the Verification Page.
  4. Follow steps 1 to 3 on the Manual upload page.
  5. Manual processing time is usually 1 to 3 days.

You will continue to have access to your account. However, you won’t be able to create new Orders, this includes all our supported cryptocurrencies  (BTC, ETH, LTC, etc)

Making Payments

Once you have entered in your payment details, clicked on Submit, an order is generated for you. This order contains all your payment details.

You can cancel the order by clicking the delete button on the top right of the order detail page.

We currently facilitate BPAY, PayID, Credit Card, Bank Account, PayPal and eGift Cards that can be spent at many major Australian retail stores.

It is your responsibility to enter the correct payment details when placing an order. In the event that an unsuccessful payment was made, we will contact you to verify the details of your payment.

In the event that you have entered that wrong payment details and the payment has been successfully completed. We are unfortunately unable to reverse that payment. The responsibility of ensuring your payment details are correct remain solely with you.

There are many blockchain explorer sites that can be used to find information about your transaction. Which ever you decide to choose will be up to your preference. Below are a few well known sites.

We are now supporting 0 confirmation transaction for all digital currencies. Our system will validate your payment within a couple of minutes.

Alternatively after transferring your cryptocurrency to the given wallet address, simply click the "Check Now" button in the Track Order page, and your payment will be validated instantly.

If you have not received a Payment Complete email from us within 24 hours, simply let us know by sending an email to support. One of our dedicated team members will re-open your order and follow up on your transfer.

In this case you will be able to renew your expired order with a new rate, you may still need to pay your bills with the same payment details used in that order.

If you have made a partial payment on an order before expiration, this leaves your order in an incomplete state. In this case simply renew your order to update the outstanding amount with the new rate. Pay in the shortfall amount and your order will be processed.

To learn more, check out the tips here

We have added a new ‘Copy Public Link’ allowing you to send a payment request to anyone. You are now able to complete the Order by sharing only the necessary payment details thereby allowing someone else to make the crypto transaction.

To learn more about this feature, check out the blog tips here.

eGift Card

eGift Card is automatically generated on confirmation of crypto payment. What this effectively means is that eGift card will be ready for use in a matter of minutes.

eGift Cards are securely managed within our Bit2Bill platform. Only a logged in user can view and spend their eGift Cards. Access and view your eGift Cards on your Dashboard as you would any other Order

eGift Cards can be used at any supported Australian store, online or physically in store.  It’s as easy as using the bar code and the pin number shown on the eGift Card page. Visit here to further understand how it works