Requesting a Refund

  1. An individual who uses the Bit2Bill Platform (“User”) to make a payment may request a refund by: 
    1. submitting a claim at our Contact us form; or 
    2. emailing [email protected] 
  2. The User must provide a justification for the refund and their banking details.
  3. Bit2Bill has the right to decline the User’s refund request where the User provides inadequate justification.

Successfully Completed Orders

  1. Bit2Bill cannot provide refunds on successfully completed orders to recipients (i.e. Bank Account, BPay, PayId). It is solely the User’s responsibility to ensure payment details are correct.

Rejected Payments 

  1. Where a User has entered incorrect payment details such that a payment is rejected by the recipient (e.g. BPay Reference Number does not pass the validation rule), Bit2Bill will prompt the User to adjust payment details.
  2. Where a recipient rejects payment and reverses the transaction, the User must provide Bit2Bill valid bank account details to facilitate the refund. Bit2Bill will initiated the refund process once funds from the rejected payment have been validated.

Partially Paid Orders

  1. Cryptocurrency return may be possible if an order status is still 'Awaiting Payment' and the User has only made a partial crypto payment. 
  2. Following a request, Bit2Bill will return the transferred cryptocurrency amount minus the blockchain transaction fee, as determined at the time of order placement.
  3. The user may continue the order by paying the outstanding cryptocurrency amount, in which case refund is not applicable.

Over Paid Orders

  1. Refunds may be possible if an order has been overpaid. i.g. The user send more cryptocurrency amount than what the order required. Depends on the situation of how the cryptocurrency has been processed, It is Bit2Bill's decision to refund the user with AUD amount or return the overpaid cryptocurrency.
  2. Where Bit2Bill decide to refund with AUD, the refund amount conversion from the overpaid cryptocurrency will be using the same price rate of the order submitted. 
  3. Where Bit2Bill decide to return the overpaid cryptocurrency, it is the User's responsibility to ensure providing a secured and valid cryptocurrency address for Bit2Bill to proceed. 

Bit2Bill eGift Card Orders

  1. eGift Cards purchased through Bit2Bill may be refundable if: 
    1. the Bit2Bill eGift Card has not been used to purchase other store gift cards; and 
    2. the User notifies Bit2Bill within 48 hours of purchasing the Bit2Bill eGift Card.
  2. It is the User’s responsibility to keep eGift Card details safe. Lost or stolen eGift Cards will not be replaced or refunded. 
  3. Any unused value after the expiry date of any eGift Card will not be refunded or credited.
    eGift Cards are not redeemable for cash.


  1. Bit2Bill reserves the right to amend this Refund Policy. 
  2. The Refund Policy is subject to other terms and conditions of the site and legislative requirements. 
  3. If you have any questions about our Refund Policy, please contact us: 
    1. by email: [email protected]; or 
    2. by visiting: